Dileni Marmolejos

May 25, 1999

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Human Resource 2020- 2024
Middlesex College

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Work & Experience

Relationship Banker May 2022 - June 2024
Bank of America

A relationship banker typically works in the banking industry and focuses on building and managing relationships with clients. They help clients with various financial services, such as opening accounts, providing advice on banking products, and addressing customer needs. Certainly! Here's a more visually appealing format for the Relationship Banker description and duties: Relationship Banker Description and Duties: 1. Client Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with clients through effective communication and personalized service. Understand clients' financial goals, needs, and preferences to offer appropriate banking products and services. Proactively reach out to clients to assess their satisfaction and identify opportunities to deepen the relationship. 2. Financial Advisory: Provide comprehensive financial advice and guidance to clients, including budgeting, saving, investing, and borrowing strategies. Analyze clients' financial situations and recommend suitable products such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment options. 3. Sales and Cross-Selling: Actively promote and sell banking products and services to new and existing clients, aiming to meet or exceed sales targets. Identify cross-selling opportunities by assessing clients' needs and promoting relevant products and services to enhance their financial well-being. 4. Account Management: Assist clients with account opening, closing, and maintenance processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Handle inquiries, resolve issues, and address concerns promptly and professionally to ensure a positive client experience. 5. Compliance and Risk Management: Adhere to bank policies, procedures, and regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. Stay updated on industry regulations, market trends, and product knowledge to provide accurate information and advice to clients. 6. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with other bank departments and colleagues to deliver seamless service and support to clients. Participate in team meetings, training sessions, and ongoing professional development activities to enhance skills and knowledge. 7. Performance Tracking and Reporting: Monitor and track individual and team performance metrics, such as sales targets, client satisfaction, and account retention rates. Prepare regular reports and updates for management, highlighting achievements, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

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